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You should use protection!


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You should use protection!

This gem protects against typical web attacks. Should work for all Rack apps, including Rails.


Use all protections you probably want to use:

require 'rack/protection'
use Rack::Protection
run MyApp

Skip a single protection middleware:

require 'rack/protection'
use Rack::Protection, :except => :path_traversal
run MyApp

Use a single protection middleware:

require 'rack/protection'
use Rack::Protection::AuthenticityToken
run MyApp

Prevented Attacks

Cross Site Request Forgery

Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::AuthenticityToken (not included by use Rack::Protection)
  • Rack::Protection::FormToken (not included by use Rack::Protection)
  • Rack::Protection::JsonCsrf
  • Rack::Protection::RemoteReferrer (not included by use Rack::Protection)
  • Rack::Protection::RemoteToken
  • Rack::Protection::HttpOrigin

Cross Site Scripting

Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::EscapedParams (not included by use Rack::Protection)
  • Rack::Protection::XSSHeader (Internet Explorer only)


Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::FrameOptions

Directory Traversal

Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::PathTraversal

Session Hijacking

Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::SessionHijacking

IP Spoofing

Prevented by:

  • Rack::Protection::IPSpoofing


gem install rack-protection


Instrumentation is enabled by passing in an instrumenter as an option.

use Rack::Protection, instrumenter: ActiveSupport::Notifications

The instrumenter is passed a namespace (String) and environment (Hash). The namespace is '' and the attack type can be obtained from the environment key ''.

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