Pry plus the essential plugins.
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Get up and going with a good set of pry tools right away.

Dependent Gems


Allows you to look into the Ruby builtin classes with the ? and $ commands.

  • ? [].pop

  • $ [].pop

  • …etc.


Shows docs for dollar-vars and keywords

  • show-docmores

  • ? module

  • ? $`


An essential gem. Turns Pry into a steppable debugger.

  • Making the basic "require'pry';binding.pry" from a script come alive.

  • In conjunction with plymouth or pry-rescue, to explore failing tests.

  • Following calls into other libs.


Allows you to navigate the call stack.

  • So many. TODO = document some.


Somewhat of a competitor to pry-rescue, but implemented differently. Currently doesn't work on C exceptions (such as 1/0 errors).

  • Let an exception happen in the REPL, then use enter-exception to find it.

  • Inline-style trap

  • Block wrapper-style trap

  • ← "mini screencast"


Provides Pry.rescue do … end to capture any exceptions and start pry from the context of the source of the exception.

  • Shortens write-run-debug cycles when exceptions are involved.

  • Exploring causes of hard-to-replicate exceptions.

  • Rescues on test failure via require of pry-rescue/minitest and pry-rescue/rspec


An excellent tabcompletion gem. Having this dep enables new Pry stuff. Note that pry v0.9.10 doesn't have this feature, so you must use a repo version.

  • require 'x<tab>

  • {asdf: 1, hjkl: 2}[:a<tab>

  • Chain.of.calls.<tab> # Old pry completion was generic in this case.


Replacement for the undermaintained gist gem.

  • Improved implementation for Pry's gist command.

  • Check out the jist -h output on the CLI, by the way.