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# How to Contribute
CoreOS projects are [Apache 2.0 licensed](LICENSE) and accept contributions via
rkt is [Apache 2.0 licensed](LICENSE) and accepts contributions via
GitHub pull requests. This document outlines some of the conventions on
development workflow, commit message formatting, contact points and other
resources to make it easier to get your contribution accepted.
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### Coding Style
CoreOS projects written in Go follow a set of style guidelines that we've documented
[here]( Please follow them when
working on your contributions.
Go style in the rkt project essentially just means following the upstream conventions:
- [Effective Go][effectivego]
- [CodeReviewComments][codereview]
- [Godoc][godoc]
It's recommended to set a save hook in your editor of choice that runs `goimports` against your code.
### Documentation Style
CoreOS project docs should follow the [Documentation style and formatting
Project docs should follow the [Documentation style and formatting
guide]( Thank you for documenting!
### Format of the Commit Message

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