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This is a sample project for Steamworks.NET it is intended to show functionality, act as documentation and to test the functionality of Steamworks.NET.

This project is based heavily upon the Official C++ SteamworksExample application SpaceWar. It is incomplete as there is no data passing. It is recommended to follow along with SpaceWarServer.cpp/h found in the official Steamworks SDK.

Steam must be running for the project to work out of the box. To run a dedicated server without Steam running you must copy steamclient.dll/tier0_s.dll/vstdlib_s.dll next to your steam_api.dll.

This sample is available in the public domain (where acceptable.) Please view LICENSE.txt for more details.

This project was built with Unity 5.5.1. As such it is only expected to build and run without issue on that version or later.

Recommended reading: