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Materials from @WeAreRLadies text analysis talk
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Text Analysis with @WeAreRLadies

This repo contains materials from @WeAreRLadies text analysis talk presented to R-Ladies Chicago.

The script follows tutorials from Text Mining with R.

@WeAreRLadies is the rotating curation account of R-Ladies Global.

The Data

the .csv file contains tweets from @WeAreRLadies from August 2018 thru June 2019. It has the following columns:

  • Tweet.permalink
  • Tweet.text
  • date
  • time_only
  • time (timestamp with both date and time)
  • impressions
  • engagements
  • engagement.rate (calculated as engagement / impressions)
  • retweets
  • replies
  • likes
  • Start (curator start date)
  • End (curator end date)
  • Curator (curator name)
  • Twitter (curator twitter handle)
  • Student (self-reported student status, 1=Student; 0=Not a student)
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