Minimal implementation of the λΠ-calculus modulo
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Lambdapi- Implementation of the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting

Lambdapi is an implementation of the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting, which is the system of Dedukti ( More details are given in the user manual

Installation via Opam


opam install lambdapi

Dependencies and compilation

Lambdapi requires a Unix-like system. It should work on Linux as well as on MacOS. It might also be possible to make it work on Windows with Cygwyn or with "bash on Windows".

List of dependencies:

Using Opam, a suitable OCaml environment can be setup as follows.

opam switch 4.05.0
eval `opam config env`
opam install dune odoc menhir yojson cmdliner bindlib.5.0.0 timed.1.0 earley.2.0.0

To compile Lambdapi, just run the command make in the source directory. This produces the _build/install/default/bin/lambdapi binary, which can be run on files with the .dk or .lp extension (use the --help option for more information).

make               # Build lambdapi.
make doc           # Build the documentation.
make install       # Install the program.
make install_vim   # Install vim support.
make install_emacs # Install emacs (>= 26.1) support (needs the eglot package)

Note: you can run lambdapi with dune exec lambdapi.

The following commands can be used for cleaning up the repository:

make clean     # Removes files generated by OCaml.
make distclean # Same as clean, but also removes library checking files.
make fullclean # Same as distclean, but also removes downloaded libraries.

Tests and supported libraries

You can run tests using the following commands.

make tests        # Unit tests (not stopping on failure).
make real_tests   # Unit tests (stopping on first failure).

make dklib        # Checks files at
make focalide     # Checks files generated from the Focalize library
make holide       # Checks files generated from the OpenTheory library
make matita       # Checks the traduction of Matita's arithmetic library.
make verine       # Checks files generated by the VeriT prover.
make iprover      # Checks files generated by iProverModulo.
make zenon_modulo # Checks files generated by ZenonModulo.