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The Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning Benchmark (URLB)

URLB provides a set of leading algorithms for unsupervised reinforcement learning where agents first pre-train without access to extrinsic rewards and then are finetuned to downstream tasks.

This codebase was adapted from DrQv2. The DDPG agent and training scripts were developed by Denis Yarats. All authors contributed to developing individual baselines for URLB.


We assume you have access to a GPU that can run CUDA 10.2 and CUDNN 8. Then, the simplest way to install all required dependencies is to create an anaconda environment by running

conda env create -f conda_env.yml

After the instalation ends you can activate your environment with

conda activate urlb

Implemented Agents

Agent Command Implementation Author(s) Paper
ICM agent=icm Denis paper
ProtoRL agent=proto Denis paper
DIAYN agent=diayn Misha paper
APT(ICM) agent=icm_apt Hao, Kimin paper
APT(Ind) agent=ind_apt Hao, Kimin paper
APS agent=aps Hao, Kimin paper
SMM agent=smm Albert paper
RND agent=rnd Kevin paper
Disagreement agent=disagreement Catherine paper

Available Domains

We support the following domains.

Domain Tasks
walker stand, walk, run, flip
quadruped walk, run, stand, jump
jaco reach_top_left, reach_top_right, reach_bottom_left, reach_bottom_right

Domain observation mode

Each domain supports two observation modes: states and pixels.

Model Command
states obs_type=states
pixels obs_type=pixels



To run pre-training use the script

python agent=icm domain=walker

or, if you want to train a skill-based agent, like DIAYN, run:

python agent=diayn domain=walker

This script will produce several agent snapshots after training for 100k, 500k, 1M, and 2M frames. The snapshots will be stored under the following directory:


For example:



Once you have pre-trained your method, you can use the saved snapshots to initialize the DDPG agent and fine-tune it on a downstream task. For example, let's say you have pre-trained ICM, you can fine-tune it on walker_run by running the following command:

python pretrained_agent=icm task=walker_run snapshot_ts=1000000 obs_type=states

This will load a snapshot stored in ./pretrained_models/states/walker/icm/, initialize DDPG with it (both the actor and critic), and start training on walker_run using the extrinsic reward of the task.

For methods that use skills, include the agent, and the reward_free tag to false.

python pretrained_agent=smm task=walker_run snapshot_ts=1000000 obs_type=states agent=smm reward_free=false


Logs are stored in the exp_local folder. To launch tensorboard run:

tensorboard --logdir exp_local

The console output is also available in a form:

| train | F: 6000 | S: 3000 | E: 6 | L: 1000 | R: 5.5177 | FPS: 96.7586 | T: 0:00:42

a training entry decodes as

F  : total number of environment frames
S  : total number of agent steps
E  : total number of episodes
R  : episode return
FPS: training throughput (frames per second)
T  : total training time