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Support for webp? #60

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Issue by jphastings
Thursday Jan 23, 2014 at 10:53 GMT
Originally opened as #97

RMagick doesn't seem to support webp (despite convert on my system working, and calling out to cwebp). Is this implemented or planned?

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not that I know of.. yet I'd take a PR



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@pavoni PR's appreciated :)


@bf4 I think this is configuration. Working on a Mac I needed ImageMagick 6.8.9-8 (which I couldn't get via homebrew) and then to re-install the rmagic gem.

This then works

If it helps anyone, the steps I followed were:-

  1. Uninstalled the hombrew version of ImageMagik to make sure I was using the right version.
  2. Got the later version of ImageMagik from
  3. Fixed up the package path

So I suspect no PR needed :-)

rmagick member

Perhaps this could turn into a PR which tests if we have webp support, else specifies the first version of ImageMagick that has it? Or to document in the README? (I haven't done any research myself apart from reading this issue, but am happy to help guide and support a PR).


The code above will throw an exception if webp support isn't present (it just needs a webp file). Mine is

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