Budgeting assistant to allocate incremental savings across target goals
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Saving Goals

This project aims to help achieve long-term goals by organizing goals in order of priority and earmarking portions of savings contributions towards each goal. Contributions must be entered manually, and disperse across a budget's goals in decreasing proportion so that goals towards the top receive the highest relative proportion of the contribution.

Multiple budgets can also be defined to maintain a parallel list of goals or to maintain independant budgets for certain areas, such as long-term travel goals.

A free-to-use instance is available at https://savings.reedmartz.com. All changes made to develop are deployed to there automatically.

Development server

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


Because some errors can fail during compilation but work under development (Such as private component variables used in the component's template), to test the AOT compiler run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the --prod flag for a production build.

Running unit tests

Run ng test to execute the unit tests via Karma.

Running end-to-end tests

Run ng e2e to execute the end-to-end tests via Protractor.