PHP wrapper library for SWAPI
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PHP library for SWAPI

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## Usage

Install with Composer: composer require "rmasters/swapi:~1.0".

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$swapi = new SWAPI;

$swapi->characters()->index();  => Character[]
$swapi->characters()->index(2); => Character[]

$swapi->vehicles()->get(1);     => Vehicle <X-wing>
$swapi->planets()->get(7);      => Planet <Mustafar>

$swapi->people()->get(9999);    => null (not-found)

// Iteration
do {
    if (!isset($starships)) {
        $starships = $swapi->starships()->index();
    } else {
        $starships = $starships->getNext();

    foreach ($starships as $s) {
        echo "{$s->name}\n";
} while ($starships->hasNext());

## Running tests and contributing

Install dependencies with composer install --dev and run vendor/bin/phpunit to run the testsuite. The test suite comprises of:


MIT Licensed