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@rmccue rmccue released this Oct 13, 2016 · 58 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for HHVM and PHP 7

    Requests is now tested against both HHVM and PHP 7, and they are supported as
    first-party platforms.

    (props @rmccue, #106, #176)

  • Transfer & connect timeouts, in seconds & milliseconds

    cURL is unable to handle timeouts under a second in DNS lookups, so we round
    those up to ensure 1-999ms isn't counted as an instant failure.

    (props @ozh, @rmccue, #97, #216)

  • Rework cookie handling to be more thorough.

    Cookies are now restricted to the same-origin by default, expiration is checked.

    (props @catharsisjelly, @rmccue, #120, #124, #130, #132, #156)

  • Improve testing

    Tests are now run locally to speed them up, as well as further general
    improvements to the quality of the testing suite. There are now also
    comprehensive proxy tests to ensure coverage there.

    (props @rmccue, #75, #107, #170, #177, #181, #183, #185, #196, #202, #203)

  • Support custom HTTP methods

    Previously, custom HTTP methods were only supported on sockets; they are now
    supported across all transports.

    (props @ocean90, #227)

  • Add byte limit option

    (props @rmccue, #172)

  • Support a Requests_Proxy_HTTP() instance for the proxy setting.

    (props @ocean90, #223)

  • Add progress hook

    (props @rmccue, #180)

  • Add a before_redirect hook to alter redirects

    (props @rmccue, #205)

  • Pass cURL info to after_request

    (props @rmccue, #206)

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@rmccue rmccue released this May 18, 2014

  • Fix compatibility with HHVM - Using HHVM with Requests would
    previously cause either exceptions with SSL or segfaults with the cURL
    handler. Props Ozh for his work here.
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@rmccue rmccue released this Oct 6, 2013 · 358 commits to master since this release

  • Add multiple request support - Send multiple HTTP requests with both
    fsockopen and cURL, transparently falling back to synchronous when
    not supported.
  • Add proxy support - HTTP proxies are now natively supported via a
    high-level API. Major props to Ozh for his fantastic work
    on this.
  • Verify host name for SSL requests - Requests is now the first and only
    standalone HTTP library to fully verify SSL hostnames even with socket
    connections. Thanks to Michael Adams, Dion Hulse, Jon Cave, and Pádraic Brady
    for reviewing the crucial code behind this.
  • Add cookie support - Adds built-in support for cookies (built entirely
    as a high-level API)
  • Add sessions - To compliment cookies, sessions
    can be created with a base URL and default options, plus a shared cookie jar.
  • Add PUT, DELETE, and PATCH request support
  • Add Composer support - You can now install Requests via the
    rmccue/requests package on Composer
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Feb 8, 2012
Release 1.5.0, our initial version!
Feb 7, 2012


Add LICENSE link from readme
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