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Get Zoe into Telegram using the bot API
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Zoe Tgbot Agent version

Connect Zoe to Telegram using the new Bot API.


This agent is not compatible with the original Telegram agent developed by @voiser. Although it is closely based on his code, this version does not require a phone number to work.

Both agents share the same Agent name (tg) internally in order to reuse already implemented code in the library core.


This agent uses pyTelegramBotAPI in order to poll the server for new messages and send messages to users. The postinst script will install it automatically.


Once installed, the file ZOE_HOME/etc/tgbot.conf will be created. In this file, you will need to write your private Bot Token obtained from the bot creation process. Now start the agent and you are ready to go.

The way this agent works is very similar to the jabber agent:

  • Start a conversation with Zoe (or invite her to a group)
  • For the agent to recognize a message, you should either include your bot's name in the message (@BOT_NAME ayuda) or start the message with a / character
  • The message is parsed and the natural agent matches it with natural language commands in cmdproc/
  • Magic happens

Note that there are no / commands as defined in the Telegram Bot API. We do things our own way (and it works!).

User configuration

If you want to start speaking with Zoe through Telegram, you must first add your Telegram ID in the tg section of the ZOE_HOME/etc/zoe-users.conf file.

You don't know your own unique ID??? No problem, just write your username (without @) and the agent will tell you so you can add it. It is very important to add this unique ID (either in the form of user#xxxx or group#xxxx), because that's the way the agent sends messages to you when demanded by other agents (feedback of other agents, etc.).


You may also use the agent in groups. The recommended way of doing so is by creating a new Zoe user for that group in ZOE_HOME/etc/zoe-users.conf like:

[subject test]
name = text
preferred = tg
tg = group#-xxxxxx
locale = en

Of course, you may simply speak to her in the group without creating the user, but only your commands will be executed and you may end up getting responses in your private conversation with Zoe.

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