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Emacs functions that zoom in on the text at point.
Emacs Lisp
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This is not an Emacs “mode” so much as a few convenient function definitions and a slightly less convenient variable declaration.

That said, the functions at least do pretty much what they say: namely, they zoom towards and away from the point using the specified “level” of zoom you require, with the now-larger or -smaller text centered in the buffer.

Specify the zoom-level in the variable *default-zoom-level*. For now, type

(defvar *default-zoom-level* 3)

into the *scratch* buffer and evaluate it.

Then zoom in on whatever you’re aimed at with

M-x zoom-to-point

To return to your default code- or text-viewing experience, use

M-x unzoom

to return to your standard font size.

Alternatively, the function zoom-toggle is defined, which will check if you are currently “zoomed,” and then call zoom-to-point or unzoom as appropriate. You can bind it to a single key chord in your .emacs file for ease of use, e.g.,

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c z") 'zoom-toggle)

This interface is clunky and represents a minimal early working version. Expect changes, or better yet, contribute some!

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