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A second interface to assist design and development of Kodi and add-ons
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Devhelper web

A web interface to debug some bits of Kodi. Enable the web server and remote control, then install and access the web interface at "http://[hostname]:[port]/addons/webinterface.devhelper/", no need to change the 'Web interface' setting. With most browsers you can also unpack it and open 'index.html' right from your local file system without installing it as an add-on.

Latest stable installable zip.

It can also be installed from my development repo, which will keep it updated.

There is a running data section that watches InfoLabels and InfoBooleans available to skins. This provides access to much of the information that would be used in a debug overlay during skinning, and there is plenty of room to show more info without obscuring your design.

Running data

It also includes a JSON-RPC browser to navigate and execute JSON-RPC methods; a beefed up take on The Lab in Chorus and this JSON-RPC browser.

JSON-RPC browser

This is still a bit raw, but has been quite useful for me already so I wanted to share. It uses modern web technologies and requires a modern browser to run. Chrome and Firefox are tested working, Safari and Opera should also work. Edge still doesn't work very well.

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