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TravelCompanion is a Web Application developed in Scala with the Lift Framework. The purpose of this application is to test the language and libary features of scala/lift in a bigger scope than just small pieces of code.
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Welcome to TravelCompanion in Scala / Lift.

This project was created during the bachelor thesis by Ralf Muri and Daniel Hobi in spring 2010.

The following technical aspects are implemented:
- JPA (based on lift-jpa-archetype)
- User Management (copy & paste from ProtoUser without mapper functionality)
- Validating (JSR 303)
- GUI Widgets (DistanceTraveler)
- Ajax & Comet (Blog as Single Page Application)
- Designer Friendly Templates

Please feel free to download & study our document in the "doc" directory (german!)
You will get some additional stuff like:
- Best practices in Lift & HowTos
- Working with IntelliJ IDEA &
- General information about TravelCompanion
- Experience made by the authors

A running demo is deployed on

To run the app:
mvn install
cd web
mvn jetty:run

Then point your favorite browser to http://localhost:9090/

To create an offline version of the app (web/target/TravelCompanionScala-offline-1.0/):
mvn install
cd web
mvn package -Pjetty-offline

Notice: TravelCompanion is intended for demo purposes only.
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