Make your site's text "pop" with a full rainbow treatment
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Make your site's text "pop" with a full rainbow treatment.

Inspired by such excellent html tags as marquee and blink.

See for a demo.

Requires jQuery.


As an HTML tag:

Simply include rainbows.js on your page and wrap anything you want in a <rainbow /> tag.

<rainbow data-speed="2" data-size="15">...</rainbow>

As a jQuery plugin:

Select elements you want to rainbow-ify:

$(document).ready(function() {

Optionally pass speed and size parameters:

$(document).ready(function() {
        speed: 2,
        size: 15

Directly with the Rainbows constructor:

Rainbows accepts three arguments: container, speed and size.

For example:

var super_sweet_rainbow_text = new Rainbows('body', 3, 15);


  • container: CSS selector identifying the element whose text should be rainbow-ified.
  • speed: the duration (in seconds) of a rainbow cycle on the container's text.
  • size: the size of the rainbow color spread across the container's text.