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Welcome to the TRX-Merger

TRX-Merger is a command line tool that allows you to combine multiple trx files in a single trx file containing all the information from the trx files passed to it and also to generate an html report from the trx.


You can start the Command-Line navigate to the folder where the TRX_Merger.exe is located and execute the following command:

TRX_Merger.exe /trx:[trx file or directory 1],[trx file or directory 2],..,[trx file or directory N] /output:[output file path and name]


/trx - parameter that determines which trx files will be merged.

This parameter will accept one of the following:

  • file(s) name: looks for trx files in the current directory.File extension is required
          example: /trx:testResults1.trx,testResults2.trx,testResults3.trx
  • file(s) path: full path to trx files.File extension is required
          example: /trx:c:\TestResults\testResults1.trx,c:\TestResults\testResults2.trx,c:\TestResults\testResults3.trx
  • directory(s): directory containing trx files. it gets all trx files in the directory
          example: /trx:c:\TestResults,c:\TestResults1
  • empty: gets all trx files in the current directory
          example: /trx
  • combination: you can pass files and directories at the same time:
          example: /trx:c:\TestResults,c:\TestResults1\testResults2.trx

/output - the name of the output trx file. File extension is required

  • name: saves the file in the current directory
          example: /output:combinedTestResults.trx
  • path and name: saves the file in specified directory.
          example: /output:c:\TestResults\combinedTestResults.trx


/report - generates a html report from a trx file. REQUIRED if one trx is specified in /trx parameter and OPTIONAL otherwise.

  • If one trx is passed to the utility, the report is for it, otherwise, the report is generated for the /output result.
          example: /report:c:\Tests\report.html

/r - recursive search in directories.

  • When there is a directory in /trx param (ex: /trx:c:\TestResuts), and this parameter is passed, the rearch for trx files will be recursive
          example: /trx:c:\TestResults,c:\TestResults1\testResults2.trx /r /output:combinedTestResults.trx