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tazly commented Aug 3, 2009

The resulting documents from a lucene-query, should be formatable using couch-db's _list API.

For instance with a URI like:

/database/_fti/lucene/**_list/listname/**lucene _idx_name?q=

zdzolton commented Oct 1, 2009

+1 :^D
This would be really useful for the app I'm currently working on...

this would be totally sweet. what would it take to do this? i'd like to help out if possible.


rnewson commented Apr 12, 2010

bumping this to 0.6

bestguy commented Mar 3, 2011

Any update on this? This is really critical imho.


rnewson commented Mar 3, 2011

Patches welcome.

bestguy commented Mar 4, 2011

So I'll take that as "not yet" ;-)

Yeah I'd be happy to - though if you've done any work on this or have any starting points you could suggest it would be greatly appreciated.


rnewson commented Mar 4, 2011

I've not started on it but it shouldn't be difficult, just a bit fiddly and time consuming. I think it's clear that the list/show functionality from couchdb would need to be duplicated, it's not possibly to reuse the existing code.

bestguy commented Mar 5, 2011

Thanks Robert,
Yeah that was my main question. Didn't know if there was a way to pipe this back through a couch list function. Will take a look.


ghost commented Jun 26, 2012

Any further news on this??


rnewson commented Jun 26, 2012

Nope. This is my hobby, not my job. You can make it happen by submitting a patch (preferably with tests) or you can wait until I get to it.


On 26 Jun 2012, at 15:47, sparkrevolutions wrote:

Any further news on this??

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