A dropwizard assets bundle that renders Markdown files as pretty HTML
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An assets bundle (like io.dropwizard.assets.AssetsBundle) that allows a dropwizard app to render and serve Markdown documents from the classpath. The goal is to provide a way to quickly and easily serve up static documentation for a service, taking advantage of Markdown's ease of editing and reusability. For example:

  • Presenting markdown-based API documentation alongside a microservice
  • Hosting usage or design documentation (text, graphs and sequence diagrams)
  • Presenting basic usage notes for a public facing API, without requiring extra effort to construct fully-fledged HTML documentation

A basic demo 'application' (consisting of documentation examples and nothing more) can be seen here (see here for source code).

In the 'out of the box' configuration (with default template and stylesheet) the following additional features are supported:


Basic setup

  • Add the dropwizard-markdown-assets-bundle JAR to your Dropwizard application dependencies:
  • Modify your configuration class to implement MarkdownBundleConfiguration. Implementing this will entail adding a MarkdownAssetsConfiguration getter to your configuration class, as in the example below.
public static class TestConfiguration extends Configuration implements MarkdownBundleConfiguration {

    public MarkdownAssetsConfiguration assets = new MarkdownAssetsConfiguration();

    public MarkdownAssetsConfiguration getMarkdownAssetsConfiguration() {
        return assets;
  • Modify your Application bootstrap method to register a MarkdownAssetsBundle:
        public void initialize(Bootstrap<TestConfiguration> bootstrap) {
            bootstrap.addBundle(new MarkdownAssetsBundle());
  • (For starters) place a markdown file named index.md in the /assets folder of your application classpath.
  • Launch the application and see that the markdown file is available at http://localhost:8080/assets/, rendered as HTML.

Customising behaviour

The following fluent setter methods on MarkdownAssetsBundle allow its behaviour to be customized:

  • withResourcePath: set the resource path (in the classpath) of the markdown and static asset files (default: /assets)
  • withUriPath: set the uri path for the markdown and static asset files (default: /assets)
  • withIndexFile: set the name of the index file to use (default: index.md)
  • withAssetsName: set the name of servlet mapping used for this assets bundle
  • withCacheBuilderSpec: set the spec for the cache builder
  • withFlexMarkExtensions: set a list of flexmark-java extensions that should be used for markdown parsing/rendering
  • withFlexMarkOptions: set collection of flexmark-java options that should be used for markdown parsing/rendering

Through configuration, on a per-environment basis the following may also be set:

  • Google Analytics tracking ID
  • Whether or not to enable Mermaid rendering
  • Whether or not to enable highlight.js highlighting
  • Page footer content (e.g. copyright notice)

Customizing template and stylesheet

A default page template and CSS stylesheet are included to serve as a default baseline for use. These defaults can be found inside this module at /default-dropwizard-markdown-template.ftl and /default-dropwizard-markdown.css respectively.

The page template is defined with Freemarker, and defines the structure that rendered markdown content will be placed into.

To replace either/both with your own, simply place a file named template.ftl or dropwizard-markdown.css in your resourcePath location (the root folder for markdown assets).




(c) Richard North 2016


This library takes inspiration from or utilizes:



  • Responsive layout fixes


  • Fix additional index document rendering issues for directory URLs


  • Fix additional index document rendering issue


  • Fix index document rendering issue
  • Aesthetic improvements to default CSS stylesheet


Initial release