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ActiveRecord connection proxy for master/slave connections

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The masochism plugin provides an easy solution for Ruby on Rails applications to
work in a replicated database environment. Connection proxy sends some database
queries (those in a transaction, update statements, and ActiveRecord::Base#reload) 
to a master database, and the rest to the slave database. 

The ActiveReload::MasterDatabase model uses a 'master_database' setting in 
database.yml to serve as the master database.

  # config/database.yml
  login: &login
    adapter: postgresql
    host: localhost
    port: 5432

    database: slave_database_name
    <<: *login
    database: master_database_name
    <<: *login

To setup:

Whether you want this in production only, or maybe just your deployment server, 
is up to you. Just call the following method in your desired environment file.


Some suggestions:

  * in a config/initializer
  * config.after_initialize block

If you want a model to always use the Master database, you can inherit 
ActiveRelaod::MasterDatabase.  Any models with their own database connection
will not be affected.

Setting up your own proxies:

  # Sets up MyMaster's connection as the master database connection for User.
  ActiveReload::ConnectionProxy.setup_for MyMaster, User
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