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Added a Z plugin #548

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Hey guys just added a small plugin for z


is a better option homebrew/etc/profile.d directory ?

I'm sorry, I don't understand where you're talking about.
This code is taken straight from the Z docs as it is.

ok, now I understand

`brew --prefix`

is the path to brew home.

thanks for the plugin.

Glad to clear it up.
BTW it's not my plugin, thank @rupa

Why not just directly include, and call it from z.plugin.zsh?

good idea.

I have problem with this plugin and kolo theme .
I guess the precmd may be causing


I had a problem directly including (due to my own ignorance) and this plugin solved it quickly, letting me get back to work. Perhaps it deserves a place in the main repo? I guess the downside is I haven't learnt anything…

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Commits on Aug 14, 2011
  1. @bradleypriest
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  1. +6 −0 plugins/z/z.plugin.zsh
6 plugins/z/z.plugin.zsh
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+if [ -f `brew --prefix`/etc/profile.d/ ]; then
+ . `brew --prefix`/etc/profile.d/
+ function precmd () {
+ z --add "$(pwd -P)"
+ }
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