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This add-on allows you to use Firefox Scratchpad to hack on add-on SDK.


If you'd like to give it a try install add-on from downloads. Once installed you need to configure it to so it knows where your clone of Add-on SDK is. This can be done either by setting environment variable CFX_ROOT to a value like this: /Users/gozala/Projects/addon-sdk/ or via preference for this add-on (later one shadows env variable if both set). If omitted add-on will assume that SDK is at ~/addon-sdk/.


Once you've configured add-on properly accel-alt-j keyboard shortcut (see Troubleshooting) can be used to bring up scratchpad with jetpack context with in it. Following examples give you an idea what can be done:

require('addon-kit/tabs').open('data:text/html,Welcome to scratch-kit')
require('/path/to/module') // returns module from that path

// Once module is loaded it's cached, but you can force reload. This is useful
// to load modules after you modified them.
require('/path/to/module', { reload: true })

All the changes done by exectuing code in scratchpad can be undone by simply closing scratchpad window.

You could also start playing with code examples from Add-on SDK documentation. For example go to the widget API documentation page and click green button on in the right top corner of the first code example. You will get a new scratchpad with that example in it ready to execute. If close scratchpad window any changes done by it will be unloaded!

Enjoy hacking your browser!


  • accel-alt-j is "alt-command-j" on OSX. In particular, the 'shift-function-f4' scratchpad shortcut gives the 'regular' scratchpad, which won't work.
  • "Jetpack scratchpad" should be on the scratchpad when you open it.
  • CFX_ROOT=/Users/glind/gits/addon-sdk cfx run