An example of a node lambda using a layer generated by templates
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A node lambda with layer example

This is an example repo of a lambda with a layer generated using the two template repos:

The layer is code to fetch an array of SSM secrets and the lambda uses this to return a test secret

This repo is only intended to be used a reference to a complete version of using the two templates

  • To see how to configure your own versions see the two templates above


Assuming you have your AWS credentials set up (if not see here)

  • git clone
  • Add a secret to your paramter store with key test_secret
  • Deploy layer:
    • cd access-ssm
    • yarn
    • yarn deploy
    • cd ..
  • Deploy lambda:
    • cd lambda-with-ssm-layer
    • yarn
    • yarn deploy
  • Try out the lambda endpoint returned and it show the value of your test_secret