CLIM-based appliction for learning languages, in particular Vietnamese.
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TransClime is a CLIM-based application for learning languages.  It was
created as a tool for learning Vietnamese.  


The application window is split vertically into two halves.  The text
that the user would like to read is shown in the left half.  When the
pointer is over a word, possible translations are shown in the right
half. Translations of longer sequences of words in the source text are
shown first.

Words that do not appear in the dictionary are shown in red color in
the left half.  Words marked in red can sometimes appear following
some other word in the dictionary.  So for instance, in the text
"rock.text", the word "rịch" is shown in red, because it is not in the
dictionary.  However, the word sequence "rậm rịch" (with animation,
with excitement) is in the dictionary, so when the pointer is over the
word "rậm", the translation window shows the translation of the
two-word sequence.

If the list of possible translations is too long to fit the window, so
that it is impossible to read it all while keeping the pointer over
the source text, it is possible to click on the source text, resulting
in the translation window to be "frozen" until some word is clicked
again.  This way, the user can click the word, move the pointer to the
translation window, and then scroll that window. 

There are three main commands available in the command-line window at
the bottom: "Read Dictionary", "Read Text", and "Quit".  The first two
commands prompt for a file to be read.  There is currently a single
dictionary included, namely Dictionaries/vietanh.dict.  There is
currently a single text included, namely Texts/rock.text.

Reading the dictionary takes some time, because it creates a data
structure that makes it easier (i.e., faster) to access it during
normal use.  Reading the text also creates a data structure.  For that
reason, when a new dictionary is read, the text should subsequently be
re-read as well in order that the new dictionary be taken into

Several dictionaries can be read.  If there are multiple entries for
the same word sequence, then the last one removes the previous one.  A
typical use would be to first read the general dictionary, and then
supplement it with a private dictionary.  The private dictionary could
contain personal information or words that can not be distributed for
reasons of copyright protection. 

The source text is currently shown in a very large font.  The reason
is so that accents are clearly visible in the Vietnamese text.  Users
with very good eyes may want to decrease the size of the font.


Make sure ASDF knows about the location of the file "transclime.asd".
Then type (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :transclime) to the Lisp REPL.
The application depends on McCLIM and split-sequence, so these
dependencies will be compiled first.  There should be no warnings or
style warnings from TransClime itself, though McCLIM may create quite
a lot.


In the Lisp REPL, evaluate the form (transclime:transclime).  The
application window should appear immediately.