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Pimp My Rect

Tech Stack

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. The API endpoints are served with Express. The persistence layer is NeDB, a lightweight implementation of MongoDB.

A customized implementation of the react-color component was used for changing the colors of the rect. For size and border radius editing, rc-slider component was used for a range input.

For background color inversion, invert-color was used. Color inversion functionality did not make it to the master repo, but experiment branches exist that use present this feature.

Development Workflow

To run the application in development, first install all dependencies with npm run provision. Next, run npm start from the root directory. This will start React in development mode and start the API server. React will open a browser window pointing to http://localhost:3000.


Server commands are run from the root directory. Client commands are run from the client directory.

Server Commands

npm start Starts the server and the client applications.

npm test Tests the application with all passed arguments and exits.

npm run server Starts only the server application.

npm run client Starts only the client application.

npm run build Builds and runs application for production, installing all dependencies.

npm run provision Installs all dependencies and exits.

Client Commands

npm start Start the client application. This is the same as npm run client from Server Commands.

npm run build Builds the app for production to the build folder.

npm test Run all client tests in interactive mode.

Production Build

To run the production build, clone the repository and from the root directory, run npm run build. After the script is completed, point the browser to http://localhost:3001. Express serves the static payload located in client/build as well as serving the API endpoints.


This application may be deployed on any server that supports persistent Node processes. This architecture follows best practices with Passenger.


A test project for XFive using React, Express and NeDB.






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