Convert a video file to animated humanIK skeletons for Maya.
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Convert a video file to animated humanIK skeletons for maya.

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Clone repository

git clone

In order for this tool to work a couple of 3rd party application will have to be installed. To make this an easy process bat files are located in the 3rdparty directory and can be used to download/extract and install the necessary applications.

  • Run 3rdparty/getFFmpeg.bat

    • Download and extract FFmpeg ( 20180630-9f0077c ).
  • Run 3rdparty/getOpenPose.bat

    • Download and extract OpenPose ( 1.3.0 ).
    • Download models for OpenPose
  • Run 3rdparty/getHMR.bat ( Requires python3 + pip3 accessible in PATH )

    • Pull the latest custom fork of the HMR repository.
    • Download models for HMR
    • Pip install requirements.txt


From the command line:

cd video2mocap/
python --video_path <VIDEO> --output_dir <OUTPUT>

Available Arguments:

  • --video_path: Path to video

  • --output_dir: Directory to output the maya files too

  • --keep_temp: Keep temp files for debugging ( False by default )

  • --mayapy_exe: Overwrite mayapy.exe ( Default requires accessible in PATH )

  • --python2_exe: Overwrite python.exe ( Default requires accessible in PATH )

  • --python3_exe: Overwrite python3.exe ( Default requires accessible in PATH )

The exe files can be overwritten in case the python interpreters are not accessible through the PATH variable and a relative path cannot be provided.


  • No camera tracking ( static camera advised )
  • No partial body ( full body in view each frame advised )
  • Limited depth adjustment


As loads of things are running in process it is quite simple for something to go wrong. For this reason a log file is implemented that gets saved into the output_dir. If the desired result is unexpected these logs can be investigated to find out what and where something went wrong.

Keypoint matching example:

2018/07/05/ 12:31:40 | INFO | ---- Match Keypoints Over Multiple Frames ----
2018/07/05/ 12:31:40 | DEBUG | New Person:            Frame 276
2018/07/05/ 12:31:40 | DEBUG | Omit Person:           Presence Percentage 0.01