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Haskell Implementation of Unix Tee
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Welcome to the htee program written in Haskell. The purpose of this program is to be a cross operating system implementation of the standard 'tee' program. There is no point continuously implementing the same program for many different operating systems so I have decided to implement it once and release it under a license that is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. The aim is to help the lives of the developers. We should have our basic tools work in expected ways no matter what operating system we are on. We should not have to choose bettween one operating system or the other because one has tools we need and the other does not (at least not for what I consider to be the basics) and tee is certainly one of the basics.

Installation Instructions

Install it just like a normal haskell program. Download the source and then just:

cabal configure && cabal build && cabal install

And make sure that your cabal bin directory is in your environments PATH variable. That is all that there is to it.

Command Line Options

You can get these by simply asking for help:

$ htee --help
Usage: htee [options] output_files...
  -V, -v  --version  print program version number
  -H, -h  --help     print this help message
  -a      --append   append to the files, do not truncate them

And that is everything that you can currently do with htee.

Author: Robert Massaioli

A big thanks to everyone that made a comment on the /r/haskell post that I made.

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