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Simple application to integrate Spring with AngularJS using the following:

- Spring has been configured with Spring Boot with the following modules
	1- Spring Data JPA ->  as persistence layer.
	2- Spring Data REST with Spring HATEOAS ->  for Rest Services layer that interacts with AngularJS.
	3- Spring Security ->  for Authentication and Authorization Application.
	4- Spring MVC con Thymeleaf ->  mainly it used to manage the lists of consultation and all views that do not have forms.
	5- AngularJS ->  It is used to view the detail forms.
	6- Bootstrap + Angular-ui + Font Awesome + Angular-Show-Errors ->  for the design and layout of the front end.
	7- JUnit ->  unit tests.

- Database server and embedded are used for example: H2 y Tomcat.

- To create reports using JasperReports. Pom has been set for that from the /src/main/resources/static/reports/*.jrxml files and generate /src/main/webapp/jasper/*.jasper. To do so just run mvn generate-resources.

- Dependency management is done with: Maven y bower.

1- Install maven (used version 3.0.5)
2- Install the wraper of maven for spring-boot: mvn -N io.takari:maven:wrapper
3- It can be run in several ways:
	With maven:	mvn spring-boot:run. 
	Building the jar:  mvn clean package 
	And running:       java -jar target/springangularjs-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
	Note: Rename the file data.sql the first time it is run.
	Note 2: You may need to run mvn generate-resources for generated files * (of the org.hibernate.jpamodelgen) and for compiled reports.

4- If all goes well the application will run on: http://localhost:8080/
4- Copy and import the Eclipse project as a Maven project.
5- Remember that to change js libraries Bower necessary. For that:
    a- Install node.js (
    b- Install git (
    c- Install bower con: npm install -g bower
    d- Finally running "bower install" in the project we placed in the /src/main/resources/static/bower_components versions of the libraries listed in bower.json.


A simple application to demonstrate how to configure Angularjs and Thymeleaf with Spring MVC




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