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A collection of essentials snippets for Visual Studio Code.
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VSCode Essentials Snippets

A collection of essentials snippets for Visual Studio Code.



  1. Install Visual Studio Code
  2. Launch Visual Studio Code
  3. Choose Extensions from menu
  4. Search for vscode-essentials-snippets
  5. Click Install to install it
  6. Click Reload to reload the Code


Type part of a snippet, press enter and the snippet unfolds. For snippets in markdown format you need to press ctrl+space (Windows / Linux) or cmd+space (OSX).

Angular snippets

TypeScript snippets

Snippet Content
ng-class Angular Class
ng-component Angular Component
ng-component-input Angular Component with Input
ng-directive Angular Directive
ng-enum Angular Enum
ng-guard Angular Guard
ng-interface Angular Interface
ng-module Angular Module
ng-pipe Angular Pipe
ng-service Angular Service

RxJS Snippets

Snippet Content
rx-extensions RxJS Extensions import
rx-observable RxJS Observable import
rx-subject RxJS Subject import
rx-subject-behavior RxJS BehaviorSubject import
rx-subject-replay RxJS ReplaySubject import
rx-add-observable RxJS add observable import
rx-add-operator RxJS add operator import

HTML snipppets

Snippet Content
ng-ngFor Angular *ngFor
ng-ngIf Angular *ngIf
ng-ngModel Angular ngModel
ng-routerLink Angular routerLink
ng-routerLink-param Angular routerLink with a route parameter
ng-select select control with ngModel
ng-pre Angular pre with json

Continuous Integration snippets

Snippet Content
ci-appveyor AppVeyor configuration file
ci-circle Circle configuration file
ci-travis Travis configuration file

Git snippets

Snippet Content
gitattributes .gitattributes file with eol=lf
gitattributes-archives Set archives as binary
gitattributes-documents Set documents as binary
gitattributes-executables Set executables as binary
gitattributes-fonts Set fonts as binary
gitattributes-graphics Set graphics as binary
CHANGELOG A template
README A template

Lint snippets

Snippet Content
eslint ESLint configuration file
eslintignore ESLint ignore file

Project snippets

Snippet Content
editorconfig EditorConfig file
npmrc npm configuration file
package package.json file


Install dependencies

  1. Install Node.js and npm
  2. Install Visual Studio Code


Clone the repo

$ git clone

Install vsce

$ npm install -g vsce

Build the extension file

$ vsce package

# or

$ npm run build

Install the extension from a package file (.vsix)

  1. Launch Visual Studio Code
  2. Choose Extensions from menu
  3. Click More > Install from VSIX...
  4. Select the file vscode-essentials-snippets-x.x.x.vsix
  5. Click Reload Now to reload the Code


Install vsce

$ npm install -g vsce

Create a publisher

$ vsce create-publisher <publisher-name>


$ vsce login <publisher-name>


$ vsce publish

For more detailed information about publish: Publishing Extensions.


Roberto Achar



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