An Erlang script to convert Apple Keynote files to plain text.
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Quick Start

'keynote-to-text' is a simple script which converts Apple Keynote files into plain-text files. It requires Erlang to be installed on your machine. Usage:

$ git clone
$ cd keynote-to-text
$ make
$ ./keynote-to-text /PATH/TO/SLIDESHOW.key

The output produced by the 'keynote-to-text' script currently contains two sections:

  1. The list of resources (e.g. images, videos) embedded in the slideshow
  2. A list of "strings" extracted from the slides

Git Integration

Ever had some Apple Keynote files under your git repository? Wouldn't it be nice if you could diff them to a certain extent? Include the following into your Git configuration file (i.e. ~/.gitconfig):

[diff "keynote"]
  binary = true
  textconv = /PATH/TO/KEYNOTE/keynote-to-text

Then, edit the Git attributes file as follows (e.g. /PATH/TO/PROJECT/.gitattributes):

*.key diff=keynote

Now you can get diffs from your Apple Keynote files:

git diff awesome_slideshow.key

Some sample output from git diff is shown below. You can notice how I have removed an image, edited some text and made a non-printable change on slide 82.

Git Diff Sample Output

Clone it, try it, love it.

Compatibility Notes

The script is not compatible with Apple Keynote 6 (yet). Pull requests are welcome.