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A measure of correspondence coverage for shape correspondence and registration methods witten for MATLAB. More information about the dataset is available on the project page.

Note: please see for the relevant licensing information about code owned by other individuals.


  • compute_coverage.m this is the main code for computing the coverage measure. Results should be stored in *.mat files with the file names sourcename_targetname.mat as either .corr for vertex-to-vertex correspondences or .baryc_corr for vertex-to-barycentric correspondences. Modify the directories specified to point toward the correct ones used.
  • extract_corrs.m this is for registration methods where the original output is a deformed source model. This code projects the deformed vertices onto the surface of the target shape, saving the output in the necessary format.

If using toolbox_fast_marching/ to compute geodesics as per default, toolbox_fast_marching/compile_mex.m may need to be run first. (Optional) A faster variant of the fast marching method may be found here: Please refer to the comments in the code of compute_coverage.m to easily incorporate this method.

Barycentric coordinates should be stored in a Nx4 matrix. Each row corresponds to a row in the source shape. The first column points to the face that contains the corresponding point, use -1 to indicate that there is no correspondence for a particular vertex. The subsequent three columns specify the position within a given face with respect to the three vertices, weights must add up to 1. Example:

[ 4  0.2  0.5  0.3
 10  0.7  0.1  0.2
 -1  0.0  0.0  0.0
  7  0.2  0.4  0.4
  3  0.9  0.1  0.0
  5  1.0  0.0  0.0]

This work is the product of the following paper:

Dyke, RM, et al. Shape Correspondence with Non-Isometric Deformations. Computers & Graphics 2020. (accepted)


A measure of correspondence coverage for shape correspondence and registration methods.







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