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A utility to create GrandPerspective scan files on other operating systems.

What does it do?

GrandPerspective is a small utility application for OSX that graphically shows the disk usage of a file system.

Screenshot of GrandPerspective

gpscan is a cross-platform utility which can be run on almost any operating which will create scan data files which can be loaded by GrandPerspective to visualize disk usage on non-OSX operating systems.

Screenshot of GrandPerspective's File menu demonstrating the Load Scan Data option

The Go source code can be cross-compiled for a large selection of platforms.

Why was it created?

I wanted to use GrandPerspective (or any Sequoia View-clone) to visualize disk usage on a Linux server that I administrate. Unfortunately I only have access to Windows and OSX GUI environments.

How do I use it?

gpscan takes two arguments: The directory to scan, and a filename to save the result to. It is recommended that you use a .gpscan file extension so that the file is automatically opened with GrandPerspective. You can pass - as an output file in order to output to standard output.

$ gpscan path/to/dir scan.gpscan

How do I install it?

Download a relevant release, unzip and copy to a location in your $PATH, e.g. /usr/local/bin/gpscan.

Project status

This project is developed only to the point where I could complete my original task, however I will gladly review pull-requests and take bug reports in the Issues section.


A utility to create GrandPerspective scan files on other operating systems




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