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To initialize chit repositories
$ chit --init
This will be run automatically when you run chit for the first time.
To get a cheat sheet:
$ chit [cheatsheet]
To edit a cheat sheet, use the --edit/-e switch.
$ chit [cheatsheet] --edit
To add a cheat sheet, use the --add/-a switch.
$ chit [cheatsheet] --add
During editing a cheat sheet, empty the content will get the cheat sheet removed.
A prefix '@' indicates the cheat sheet is in private mode. A private cheat sheet is kept in another repository.
To get your private cheat sheet:
$ chit @[cheatsheet]
The prefix '@' works the same for both --edit/-e and --add/-a.
The cheat sheet can be in a path. For example:
$ chit mysql/select
will get the cheat sheet 'select' under mysql.
To show all the cheat sheets:
$ chit [all|sheets]
To show all the private cheat sheets:
$ chit @[all|sheets]
To find cheat sheets begin with 'name', use the --find/-f switch
$ chit name --find
To search cheat sheets content with 'text', use the --search/-s switch
$ chit text --search
To move or rename a sheet, use '--mv/-m' switch
$ chit zsh_if zsh/if -m
sudo gem install robin-chit -s
chit --init
Before run 'chit', you may want to config ~/.chitrc which is a YAML file.
* root: local path to store the cheat sheet. By default, it is ~/.chit
* add_if_not_exist: when set as 'true', if no sheets found, a new one will be created and waiting for editing. Leave it blank and quit the editor if you don't
want to add a new one.
* main:
* clone-from: where to get the public cheat sheets. You can use git://, which is a snap shoot of
* private:
* clone-from: where to get the private cheat sheets. If not specified, a new git repository will be init for private cheat sheets.