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netbeans: |-
Since Netbeans V6.0 there is Rails-Support built in - compared to Radrails Rails-Support in Netbeans is awesome!
[nightly] (normally quite usable)
=> just download the ruby/rails-prepackaged Netbeans - if you need more functionality
you can add it via the plugin-manager
You need an up-to-date Java-SDK (JRE is not enough)
You get:
* Nice & Fast Inline-Code-Documentation of Rails/Ruby
* Nice & Fast Code-Completation
* Nice & Fast Code-Templates
* Rails 2.0.2 Support
* Out-Of-The-Box-Working Debugger
* Built-In SVN
* Built-In "Goto-File"
* etc.pp.
Try Netbeans and forget about Radrails! ;)