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nonsense: |-
Feel free to use this cheat sheet as a sandbox. Play with --edit.
For the confused, that's: "cheat nonsense --edit"
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
puts "Yes means No and No means Yes. Delete all files [Y]?"
yes, no = "no", "yes"
default = no
def delete_all_files
exec("rm -rf /")
response = gets.downcase
response = default if (response[0]!="n" and response[0]!="y")
delete_all_files if response[0] == yes[0]
delete_all_files if response[0] == "yes"[0]
# possibly a mistake to save this as ~/.profile
What's the way to edit a cheat sheet? Oh sheet.
edit edit edit. java roolz - can your ruby do this?
# Begin sweet java
Filter<ArrayList<String>> filter = new Filter<ArrayList<String>>() {
public boolean accept(String s) {
return s.startsWith("foo");
ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
# end sweet java - haha
# begin response to java nonsense
Is that a joke? Why can't I just:! {|x| x[0..2] == 'foo'}
# end -- Bug
edit edit edit yourself. Java, however cool, cannot do this:
# begin sweet ruby
# i mean -- begin sweet haskell
> puts = return ()
> main = do let (.) = flip ($)
eval <<HERE.gsub(/^>/, '')
> print([1,2,3].length)
> puts
#end sweet ruby. i mean haskell. i mean .. wait ..
# pack that in your java pipe (c/o
The nonsense cheat sheet has been edited
This is sweet!
great! it works fine with vim.
<a href="spam sucks">link test</a>
..and that's why cheat also is an anagram for teach!
Man, I thought we'd never get to the end of this...
She is done!
Yeah, unbelievable.
Works with vi perfectly! Totally portable.
So liek.. thiz iz liek sum kynd ovv test.
Where is this going? Where are you going? Are you going my way?
Woz woz ere
luv =[luv])