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Example usage of Youtube API in combination with Open Calais
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Example usage of Youtube API in combination with Open Calais.


This example shows how the Youtube API can be used to search for videos. It works as follows: in app.js a Vue object is made to do the API calls. The onClientLoaded function is called when the Google API is loaded. Then, the Youtube API is loaded, with a callback to onYouTubeApiLoad once it is loaded. In this callback, the API key is set, which is needed for making calls to the API. To show the videos on a web page, the Iframe API is needed which is loaded when the Vue object is created.

When the APIs are loaded, a search can be done by entering input and clicking search. This creates a request and calls the callback function onSearchResponse in which the response can be processed.

To filter for correct videos, the Open Calais service can be used. To use it, just uncomment the call in onSearchResponse.


To use the APIs, a file token.js must be added with a global variable GOOGLE_API_KEY and OPEN_CALAIS_TOKEN.


Each videos can be displayed with the Vue component youtube-frame. This needs a video id for getting the iFrame from Youtube. When the component is ready, a Youtube player is created, which handles all the calls to Youtube.

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