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MiniMig for TurboChameleon64
Verilog C VHDL Assembly Objective-C Python C++
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TurboChameleon64 Port of Minimig

This repository hosts the MiniMig[1] menu controller code ported to a Motorola
68000 SoftCore by Tobias Gubener (TobiFlexx) for the TurboChameleon64[2] FPGA
cartridge by Individual Computers.


You will need the DICE[3] Amiga C compiler either as a native or a cross
compiler to build the menu code.

See the INSTALL file for more details.


You need a Chameleon cartridge to run the MiniMig menu code. Install the
latest Core from [4] and set up a SD card with the provided files and a
Kickstart ROM image. Finally replace the "OSD_CA01.sys" menu code with your
newly build one and run the core.


I'll keep updates to the menu code in this repository. If you have fixes,
extension, or other contributions then drop me an email or a GitHub push
request to include them here.

Have Fun,
Christian Vogelgsang / lallafa

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