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Scripts to read data out of the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile unter Ubuntu
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Some scripts to access the data streamed by the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile Headset over Bluetooth on Linux.


  • PyBluez, see their documentation for installation instructions :) For Ubuntu, installation might work like this:
sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev python-bluetooth

If you want to install the library as a module, do:

python install

from the root folder of the repository.

Afterwards, you can use it within python like this, with the headset set in pairing mode (

from mindwavemobile.MindwaveDataPointReader import MindwaveDataPointReader
mindwaveDataPointReader = MindwaveDataPointReader()
# connect to the mindwave mobile headset...
# read one data point, data point types are specified in'
dataPoint = mindwaveDataPointReader.readNextDataPoint()
print dataPoint
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