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What is ditbi?

ditbi is a tool for designing in the browser interactively. Simply open up the index.html page, click the settings button on the top of the page and select your color and typography settings. From there, you can click the 'Show Me' dropdown and select 'Export Settings' to get CSS, Sass/SCSS, LESS, Zurb Foundation settings. Paste those in to your project as you see fit and your off and running.

ditbi pulls in a few choice git submodule libs: color-me-sass for some excellent colors to create your palette from, and Zurb Foundation, used only for the generated styleguide. ditbi tries to use similar CSS class or id's as Foundation.

Short video demo:

Fast Start

First ensure you have Compass installed:

# Windows
$ gem install compass
# Linux/OS X
$ sudo gem install compass

Next, as this repo uses submodules you'll pull in everything required by adding the --recursive option when you clone:

# Add the –recursive flag to pull in all submodules, etc.:
git clone --recursive

See for details on how this works.

Zurb Foundation and the _settings-overrides.scss file

As mentioned we've optimized ditbi to work with with Zurb Foundation, you can immediately view your color and font changes. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings and configure to taste
  2. Click 'Show Me' dropdown and select 'Export Settings'
  3. Copy the code snippet from the popup to your clipboard. These should look like:
$primary-color: $blueSky;
$secondary-color: $orangeLight;
$alert-color: $redCrimson;
$success-color: $greenGroupon;
$body-bg: $whiteSmoke;
$body-font-family: $tahoma-font-stack;
$header-font-family: $helvetica-font-stack;
  1. Paste these in to the sass/partials/_settings-overrides.scss file below:
/* ------- Place your overrides here ------ */
  1. Compile with either of:
compass watch # or compass compile for one-time compile
  1. Reselect 'Show Me' dropdown and select 'View Components' to see Zurb Foundation components page


See the wiki page.


Rob Levin - Lead Developer

Project History

ditbi originally started as a fork of Webstiles, the brain-child of Namanyay Goel, creator and maintainer of the Webstiles project. Since the primary goals of the two tools are quite different, a new project was created for ditbi. How are they different? While Webstiles is essentially a static template (heavily inspired from Style Tiles) that helps you prototype in the browser and create a static design deliverable to show your client, ditbi aims more to be a creative workflow tool that helps you to interactively experiment with colors and typography for your web site. The end goal of ditbi is to simply export your selected colors and typpography settings such that you can easily paste them over in to your web site or style guide. It's essentially a first step in your design in the browser workflow.


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