Two very simple load and save function to store a Lua Table and Read it back in. Requires the Corona SDK JSON Library
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Simple to use Table Save and Table Load functions for Lua and Corona SDK


local loadsave = require("loadsave")

myTable = {}
myTable.musicOn = false
myTable.soundOn = true

loadsave.saveTable(myTable, "myTable.json")

Then to read it back in: myTable = loadsave.loadTable("myTable.json")

This basic code, by default, uses system.DocumentsDirectory to save game settings. If you need to save files to other locations, you can pass another argument "CachesDirectory" or "TemporaryDirectory" to the function to apply the change to the specified location.

For example: loadsave.saveTable(myTable, "myTable.json", system.TemporaryDirectory) loadsave.loadTable("myTable.json", system.TemporaryDirectory)

If you'd like to change the default directory, then you can change the variable in the code (DefaultLocation = system.TemporaryDirectory) or call loadsave.changeDefault(system.TemporaryDirectory) within your code.