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Firefox OS Boilerplate App

This is a demo app for Firefox OS, loosely based on fxosstub, meant to act as a simple boilerplate for getting started with apps for Firefox OS.

It will give you a button to install it in Firefox OS - on a device, in the App Manager and in certain Nightly versions of Firefox.

It is a showcase of:

To add your own icon, I recommend using the Firefox OS app icons style guide.

The Firefox OS Boilerplate App apply the Gaia style of Firefox OS, but note that there is no obligation to add the same look, and feel to your application: Firefox OS applications are web applications, so no need to follow a UI guideline.

For up-to-date information on building Open Web Apps, visit the App Center on MDN.


To test/install this app, the recommended way is to download it or clone/fork this repository and run it in the App Manager (Tools > Web Developer > App Manager or go to the URL about:app-manager in Firefox) by clicking Add Packaged App and browse to where your local repository is.

Alternatively, you can test-run it from GitHub by installing it in the App Manager Dashboard - click Add Hosted App - by providing this URL:

For Packaged Apps

You can test packaged apps in version 2 and higher of the App Manager, by using the Add Directory button. If you want to access privileged APIs - such as deviceStorage, cross-domain XMLHttpRequest etc - you need to set type and permissions in the manifest file. E.g.

    "version": "1",
    "name": "Firefox OS Boilerplate App",
    "type" : "privileged"


"permissions": {
    "device-storage:pictures": {
        "access": "readcreate"
    "contacts": {
        "description" : "Reading out contacts",
        "access": "readcreate"

All options to test packaged apps are outlined in the How to install packaged apps in Firefox OS – options and tools article


Localization (L10n)

Get a Transifex account

Transifex is the platform that we use to manage the localization workflow.

Sign up for a Transifex account and visit the Firefox OS Boilerplate project.

Find your language

Click on the language that you want to localize and click the button

If your language is not listed, click the button.

Start translating!

Select the project you want to translate and hit the button.

When your translation is complete, we'll pull it into this repository.