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Under L86duntu (Lubuntu 12.04), use 86Duino SDK based on 86Duino Coding 210
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#86Duino Linux SDK v1.00


Under L86duntu (based on Lubuntu 12.04), we can write programs with 86Duino Linux SDK (based on 86Duino Coding 210) to manipulate I/Os on 86Duino. The user can include "Arduino.h" to call all 86Duino API (ex. digitalWrite) listed in the 86Duino Language Reference.

In 86Duino Linux SDK also support multi-thread for all 86Duino API and the following libraries:

  • Ethernet
  • Firmata
  • GSM
  • LiquidCrystal
  • SPI
  • Stepper
  • TFT
  • Wire
  • Encoder
  • Rosserial86
  • TimerOne
  • FreeIMU1
  • Adafruit Motor
  • GLCD
  • LCD12864
  • RF12
  • RF24
  • Mirf
  • RadioHead


Copy the Makefile in the example folder to your program folder that you want to compile, and then type "make" command to compile source code to produce your 86Duino linux program (if you want to use 86Duino libraries, see the following "USE THIRD-PARTY LIBRARIES" section).


If you need to use in your program 86Duino libraries listed in the 86Duino Libraries Reference, please modify the Makefile as follows:

Add the names of the libraries that you want to use behind the "THIRD_LIB_NAME" variable (ex. to add the TimerOne library to compile, you need to modify like "THIRD_LIB_NAME := TimerOne" in Makefile). Since some libraries may depend on other libraries, the names of those libraries must also be added behind the variable "THIRD_LIB_NAME". See APPENDIX.1 for a list that describes the relation of libraries.


  • FreeIMU1: Wire
  • Mirf: SPI
  • RadioHead: SPI
  • RF24: SPI
  • TFT: SPI
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