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This repository is based on usbcnc grbl which in turn is based on native grbl 1.1f
With 6-AXIS-USBCNC-GRBL you can use 3,4(default),5 or 6 axis depend on definition in config.h stm32f103-usbcnc-pinout
Also there are some bugs (from usbcnc grbl) were fixed and some improvements were done. Some of them:

  • migrate from coIDE to Atollic truestudio
  • 4,5,6th axis were added
  • uint16_t probe_invert_mask
  • issue#36 from usbcnc
  • issue#38 from usbcnc
  • issue#41 from usbcnc
  • issue#46 from usbcnc
  • issue#40 from usbcnc
  • issue#49 from usbcnc
  • issue#48 from usbcnc. STEP_PULSE_DELAY now works
  • GPIO_PinRemapConfig(GPIO_Remap_SWJ_JTAGDisable, ENABLE); // to enable PA15, PB3, PB4 pins
  • improved performance and stability in stepper.c issue#48 from usbcnc
  • issue#60 from usbcnc
  • issue#61 from usbcnc

Before homing "error:7" appears 2 times due to startup blocks are empty. It's ok. To eliminate this: set the startup blocks or comment definition in config.h

Get started

  • Install Atollic truestudio
  • add this project to Atollic
  • (optional!) configure grbl with config.h (4 axis by default. You can't change it through the grbl interface) and default.h (you can change this settings later throught the grbl interface)
  • (optional! do this if you did the previous step) compille it
  • use st-link v2 or China clones for downloading firmware to bluepill
  • configure grbl with "$x=val" commands (optional)
  • use grbl controller with UGS, GcodeSender , OpenCNCPilot or other interfaces.

  • You can also use UART (TX1, RX1) instead of USB to connect grbl controller via bluetooth and use with android app "Grbl Controller". Just #undef USEUSB in grbl.h after #ifdef STM32F103C8 or delete "USEUSB" in project properties -> C/C++ General -> Path and Symbols -> Symbols.
  • If you want to use UART and more then 4 axis, you can map "B" axis Step and Dir outputs to PA11,12 instead of PA9,10 (see cpu-map.h).
  • Don't map any pins if not sure. Some of them use microcontroller hardware features which aren't available on the other ones.
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