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Scala RoboVM sample projects

Examples of using Scala to create iOS apps and games with RoboVM using sbt-robovm.

See sbt-robovm for plugin manual and environment setup instructions.

Quick Start

  1. Make sure that your environment is ready and you are familiar with sbt
  2. Download or clone this repository
  3. This repository is a sbt plugin, so you can start running the tasks.

There are tree projects set up:

  • empty: iOS project that provides just an application delegate and a window
  • hello: sets up simple iOS UI and shows how to use assets
  • native: example of how to compile Scala into a native console application for OSX

sbt-robovm defines a few tasks, here are the important ones:

  • iphoneSim run the project as iOS application on iPhone simulator
  • ipadSim same, but on iPad simulator
  • device compile, upload and run the app on the connected device
  • native compile and run the app as a console application - only available in console projects (such as native)

For example:

$ sbt hello/device
$ sbt empty/iphoneSim
$ sbt hello/ipadSim
$ sbt native/native

Note: native is an example of interactive console app and thus requires user input. However, connecting the sbt console input to the app launched using the native task is not yet implemented, so the app will quit immediately after starting. To workaround this, launch the compiled app in Terminal manually: $ ./native/target/robovm/NativeRobo