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A tool used to send commands to an XBox360 controller RF panel using a TTL serial port.
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Xbox360 RF module controller:

Using this program you can send commands to an Xbox360 RF module without any microcontroller (for ex.: Ardunio). So you can SYNC your Xbox360 controller with your DIY receiver using one serial port (virtual is OK too).


Connect the CTS of the serial port to pin 7 on the RF board (it's the Clock).

Connect the RTS of the serial port to pin 6 on the RF board (it's the Data).


If you're using a virtual port (for example an FTDI converter) then simply connect the RTS and CTS. !BUT! if you're using a real/hardware serial port then you need to match the voltage levels. The RF module uses 0-3.3V but the serial port is (-12)-12V so you can easily damage the RF board.

It looks like, that only FTDI chips are capable of outputing ~340Hz for the clock, so other virtual (USB) serial ports may NOT work.

Make sure that the RF module and your serial port have common ground [connect them :)].


Download the "Xbox360RFModuleSerial.exe" from the "bin/Debug" folder, start it, select the COM port which is connected to the RF module and that's it. You can send commands to the module.

ATTiny85 method

A simple code is included in the "ATTiny85_code" folder. This code makes it easy to sync controllers to an RF board.

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