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A Robot Framework test library that enables using libraries in external JVM.
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About RemoteApplications

Note: RemoteApplications is replaced by the new remoteswinglibrary project, as in most cases RemoteApplications was simply used with SwingLibrary.

RemoteApplications is a Robot Framework (RF) test library that is used for launching Java applications on a separate JVM and taking other libraries into use on them. This is useful when application does something that cannot be tested with RF when running on the same JVM. Such cases are when System.exit is called by the tested application, when multiple applications running on separate JVMs need to be tested in parallel, or when application is started using Java Web Start.

See Wiki for usage instructions and tips.

This projects started as part of robotframework-javatools project but is nowadays a separate project.


The project jar can be downloaded google-code

Developing RemoteApplications

Starting from version 2.0 the project is built using only maven.

Run mvn package to compile the project and mvn verify to run robot tests.

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