Prefab Hierarchy Inspector for the Unity3D game engine.
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Prefab Hierarchy Inspector

This is an editor window for Unity3D to facilitate working with Prefabs. I got tired of re-navigating to select various parts of prefabs. And littering my scenes with de-activated prefabs while I work on stuff. This is an experiment to see how this could potentially improve my workflow.


  • Displays the entire prefab's hierarchy instead of just going one level deep.
  • Automatically opens up the currently selected game object in the Inspector.
  • Remembers your current view of the prefab within the hierarchy.
  • Click 'Open in New Scene' to create a new scene and put the current prefab in it.
  • Maintains a list of recently used prefabs.
  • Arrow keys to navigate the hierarchy.
  • Drag support.
  • All data is remembered between restarts.

This is part of the Enemy Hideout Code Archive