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CakePHP Tactician

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CakePHP plugin for league/tactician.

NOTE: The plugin is under development.


composer require robotusers/cakephp-tactician
bin/cake plugin load Robotusers/Tactician

Using the plugin

CakePHP integration

This plugin provides Controller and Model integration through Commander library.

Commander is a command bus abstraction library for PHP which enables you to decouple your code from a concrete command bus implementation.

Using the Commander (PHP 7.1+)

Install robotusers/commander:

composer require robotusers/commander

Set up your controllers:

use Cake\Controller\Controller;
use Robotusers\Commander\CommandBusAwareInterface;
use Robotusers\Tactician\Bus\CommandBusAwareTrait;

class OrdersController extends Controller implements CommandBusAwareInterface
   use CommandBusAwareTrait;

   public function makeOrder()
        // ...
        $command = new MakeOrderCommand($data);
        // ...

        // or using quick convention enabled command handling:
        $this->handleCommand('MakeOrder', $data);
        // ...


For more information, read the docs.

Next you should configure the command bus which will be injected into your controllers and models that implement the CommandBusAwareInterface.

Console (CakePHP 3.6+)

For console integration Tactician plugin provides a CommandFactory that injects a command bus into compatible console shells and commands.

Set up your CommandRunner as below:

use App\Application;
use Cake\Console\CommandRunner;
use Cake\Console\CommandFactory;
use Tactician\Console\CommandFactory as TacticianCommandFactory;

$application = new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config');
$cakeFactory = new CommandFactory(); // or any other custom factory (ie. CakePHP DI plugin DIC-compatible factory)
$factory = new TacticianCommandFactory($cakeFactory, $application);

$runner = new CommandRunner($application, 'cake', $factory);

Application hook (CakePHP 3.3+)

If your application supports middleware you can configure the command bus using an application hook.

use Cake\Http\BaseApplication;
use League\Tactician\CommandBus;
use Robotusers\Tactician\Core\BusApplicationInterface;
use Robotusers\Tactician\Core\BusMiddleware;

class Application extends BaseApplication implements BusApplicationInterface
    public function commandBus()
        $bus = new CommandBus([
            // your middleware

        return $bus;

    public function middleware($middleware)
        // ...
        $middleware->add(new BusMiddleware($this));
        // ...

        return $middleware;

You can use helper factory methods for building CommandBus or CakePHP convention enabled CommandHandlerMiddleware:

use Robotusers\Tactician\Bus\Factory;

public function commandBus()
    return Factory::createCommandBus([
        // your middleware

The command bus configured here will be injected into controllers and models in Model.initialize and Controller.initialize event listener.


If you're still on pre 3.3 stack you can set up the listener in your bootstrap.php file.

You can use build in quick start class:

// bootstrap.php

use Robotusers\Tactician\Event\QuickStart;


QuickStart can load simple CakePHP convention enabled bus if it hasn't been provided:

// bootstrap.php

use Robotusers\Tactician\Event\QuickStart;


Conventions locator

CakePHP Conventions locator will look for command handlers based on a convention, that commands should reside under App\Model\Command\ namespace and be suffixed with Command string and handlers should reside under App\Model\Handler\ namespace and be suffixed with Handler string.

//CakePHP convention locator
$locator = new ConventionsLocator();
$extractor = new ClassNameExtractor();
$inflector = new HandleClassNameInflector();

$commandBus = new CommandBus(
        new CommandHandlerMiddleware($extractor, $locator, $inflector)

In this example App\Model\Command\MakeOrderCommand command will map to App\Model\Handler\MakeOrderHandler handler.

You can change default namespace and suffix using configuration options:

$locator = new ConventionsLocator([
    'commandNamespace' => 'Command',
    'commandSuffix' => '',
    'handlerNamespace' => 'Handler',
    'handlerSuffix' => '',

In this example App\Command\MakeOrder command will map to App\Handler\MakeOrder handler. Note a different namespace and no suffix.

Transaction middleware

Transaction middleware is a wrapper for CakePHP ConnectionInterface::transactional(). You need to provide a list of supported commands.

A list supports FQCN or convention supported name (eq Plugin.Name).

This will wrap only Foo and Bar commands in a transaction:

//default connection
$connection = ConnectionManager::get('default');

$commandBus = new CommandBus(
        //CakePHP transaction middleware with a connection and a list of commands.
        new TransactionMiddleware($connection, [

You can include all commands by setting the $commands argument to true and exclude only some commands.

This will wrap all commands in a transaction with an exception for Foo and Bar commands:

$middleware = new TransactionMiddleware($connection, true, [