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## Test Runner Command Line Parameters
-`-d` test directory path relative from the app server modules root. Optional, defaults to "test".
-`-m` regex match on module name. Optional, default to match all.
-`-t` regex match on test name. Optional, defaults to match all.
-`-u` the url of the MarkLogic HTTP app server to connect to.
+usage: [options...]
+ -c <user:password> Credential for HTTP authentication.
+ -d <path> Look for tests in this directory.
+ -h This message.
+ -m <regex> Test modules that match this pattern.
+ -t <regex> Test functions that match this pattern.
+ -u <URL> HTTP server location where index.xqy can be found.
## Test Runner Shortcut
Rather than modify or always pass in custom parameters, it's handy to create a small wrapper script in the project root, something like this:
-./xray/ -u http://localhost:8765/xray/ -d testdir $*
+./xray/ -u http://localhost:8765/xray/ -c user:pass -d testdir $*
This still allows using `-t` and `-m` to select which tests to run but removes the need to constantly set the url and test directory.

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