Ansible & OpenStack

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OpenStack makes clouds. Ansible helps lots of people with deploying, managing, and consuming OpenStack clouds.

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Ansible in the OpenStack Project

A number of projects in the OpenStack "big tent" use Ansible for various purposes.


Project for deploying a OpenStack cloud with Ansible playbooks and roles.


Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools (Ansible) for operating OpenStack clouds. (Basically: Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack via Docker containers.)


Bifrost is a set of Ansible playbooks that automates the task of deploying a base image onto a set of known hardware using OpenStack Ironic(aka: bare metal provisioning).

Openstack Infrastructure

The OpenStack infrastructure team uses Ansible heavily to operate the infrastructure used by the OpenStack community for managing and integrating code contributions.


Shade is a simple client library for making stuff happen in OpenStack clouds. Used / written by the OpenStack infra team to make life easier -- and is also the engine that makes OpenStack modules in Ansible work awesomely.

OpenStack in Ansible


Ansible contains a number of modules for operating OpenStack clouds (based upon Shade), which are largely maintained by the OpenStack community infrastructure team.

Additional info

But wait, there's more

Plenty of other Ansible + OpenStack usage, examples, playbooks, and roles out there outside of the projects themselves. OpenStack project developers aren't the only folks making opinionated tools with Ansible for openstack... :scream: actual operators who do this stuff all day are, too!

Playbooks, roles, and more

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